From the moment you walk into our beautiful showroom, you get a feeling that you and your vehicle are going to be taken care of. All of our film is custom cut from our PrecisionCut computer program and plotter. Your vehicle's door panels are wrapped and protected. Best of all your tint is installed by factory trained installers. From start to finish,  you are getting the best service and the best Llumar window film available.

block uv rays

We all know that UV rays can be harmful to us. But, did you know that drivers in the US have a higher chance of skin cancer on their left sides from driving? Window film can block out 99.9% of the harmful UV rays that come through your windows. Not only protecting you and your passengers, but the interior of your car.

block heat and glare

Window film can reduce the overall cabin temperature in your vehicle. Making it much nicer to get in your vehicle after a long day of it sitting in the sun. With reduced temperature in your car, you are also able to save on fuel economy. Window tint can do all of this and reduce the glare that can potentially distract you while driving.

Enhanced style & Security

Tint can transform the way your vehicle looks. Whether you like your windows extremely dark or just a slight tint to them, it makes a noticeable difference in the look of your car. Tint is not just looks but function as well. Tint can give you and your passengers more privacy.