step up your security

Glassy Business uses only Llumar security film, which is made up of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound. This thin layer of clear film is applied to the interior of your windows and can protect you from; bomb blasts, severe weather, and most importantly, forced entry. 

Smash and grab

Las Vegas is a great place to live but, like any other place, crime is everywhere. Stay protected with Llumar security window film. Our film is a safety precaution that we hope you never have to see work. In the event somebody does try to smash your window to gain entry to your home, Llumar security film will hold your window in place long enough to discourage most smash and grab robbers. 

Make government approved safety glass

With this thin layer of clear protection, Llumar security film can make your non-tempered glass meet tempered glass standards. This exceptional product will not distort or change the color of your glass when installed by Glassy Business and will provide years of protection.


Graffiti is a problem for a lot of business. We help fight against security with a clear layer of Llumar anti-graffiti film. When installed anti-graffiti film is virtually invisible. When a vandal decides to leave their mark on your glass it typically means you have to replace that panel. Let Glassy Business protect your windows from scribing or defacing. Next time you get hit with graffiti, Glassy Business shows up and replaces the film for a fraction of the cost of a replacement window.