The back is already tinted...

The most common phrase we hear every day is: "the back of my car is already tinted, I just need to match the front to the rear." I am going to shock you here... there is no such thing as factory tint in the rear! It is a factory colored glass. It gives you some heat rejection and some UV protection but it is far from enough. 

We have options to either darken or even go over the rear with a clear film (so it doesn't get any darker) which will block out 99.9% of UV rays and the heat. Why put film in the rear you ask? Let me answer that question with a question for you. What goes in your backseat? More than likely, it is your most prized possessions. Your kids! 

Save your children from harmful affects of UV rays and from sweating in the backseat in the back seat in the summer time. Window film will give you peace of mind knowing that your children and any passengers are comfortable and protected while you drive.

So, throw away those screens stuck on your window with suction cups; roll down that window with the blanket in it and take it out; pull off that cling-on film you bought from Wal-Mart; and come see us today so we can properly take care of your car.